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White and Yellow

A White and Yellow is a dominant Leopard Gecko morph. White and Yellow hatchlings come out of the egg looking very similar to Hypo or Super Hypo hatchlings. Another indicator is tail coloring. Currently they hatch with very limited Carrot Tailing. As adults they tend to look similar to the Enigmas. Through Matt Baronak's test breedings thus far he has concluded they are not Enigmas. They do not exhibit the same eye traits as the Enigma and have not done the star gazing or spinning that some Enigmas exhibit.

Since the White and Yellow trait is dominant you can have two different types: Heterozygous and Homozygous. A Homozygous White and Yellow when bred to anything aside from a White and Yellow will create 100% Heterozygous White and Yellow Leopard Geckos. If a Heterozygous White and Yellow is bred to anything aside from a White and Yellow there is a 50% chance of creating a White and Yellow.

It is currently unknown whether there is a super form of the White and Yellow, similar to the Mack Snow and Super Snow. This will be discovered through further test breeding.


The White and Yellow morph first appeared in the year 1996. Two breeders from Belarus saw the White and Yellow appear in their collection. It came about as a random genetic mutation. Sergey and Raise Prohorchik had a female hatchling which looked different from all of the others. The female hatchling was bred back to the male father the following breeding season. Their results put them on the path to proving the White and Yellow to be genetic. At the time it was thought to be a dominant morph. The hatchlings showed a strong white coloring while the others showed a strong yellow coloring. That was when the White and Yellow name was coined.

In 2002 Sergey and Raise sold their first batch of White and Yellow Leopard Geckos. A large amount were sold to Russia, the others across Europe.

In 2008 Matt Baronak from SaSobek's World of Reptiles Sent Henrick and Lotta from GekkoGalasken. female Mack Snow RAPTOR, Sunglow Bell Albino Enigma, Stripe Rainwater Albino and a Nova. GeckoGalaken also breed their male W/Y to a G project female from SaSobek Reptiles and a Rainwater Murphy Patternless Blizzard. In 2009 Matt received males from all of the crosses and a few females. While all of them looked different then wild type or normal geckos, some did not prove out to be white and yellows.

Currently Matt has been test breeding the White and Yellow and crossing them into many different lines in order to prove the morph is a stand alone and does not have any other traits involved. His results to this day have proved that it is for sure a genetic trait but it is not a simple as people may think.

Who is working with them?

Creators of the morph - Sergey & Raisa Prohorchik Prohorchik Reptiles, their article Henrick et Lotta GekkoGalasken Karsten Griesshammer Geggos.de Matt Baronak SaSobek's World of Reptiles Geckonice. Gecko Nice Ewald Mistelbauer PythoniumGeckos Rebecca Hassler Dragoon Gecko


White and Yellow (Baronak).
White and Yellow (Baronak).
White & Yellow (Griesshammer).
White and Yellow (Griesshammer).

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