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The gene appeared randomly in 2009 from a cross of some Ghost JBR Glow to Enigma. At the beginning and from the way it popped up and reproduced it was thought to be a polygenics linked to the Ghost complex, but after produced some specimens that proved to not carry the Ghost gene and transmitting itself in a regular basis, the gene proved dominant in the 2013 season. It also proved to be a part of the Enigma complex, to make it easier to understand, you can combine them but you can't produce the mix of them with more than a copy of each. They’re usually hatching with a reduced head marking somehow similar to Enigmas in some points but not all of them will show it as this could be hide by other polygenics. Several of them have some deep white spots on the head and/or a deep white "Bandit" mask going from one side of the nose to the other, some other will have a large spot in middle of the face. The Vermillons and most combos frequently keep the white neck marking for longer than others specimens do and most of them develop different range of white side that goes even on the tail, several of them will also develop a nice light coloured dorsal stripe while getting older. They tend to develop Lavender inside the pattern, especially on the head. The gene also has an effect of reducing the pattern and black pigmentation (or the equivalent pigmentation in combo) and is a color enhancer. While aging, some of them develop various paradox marking from black one in non albinos and lots of red ones when mixed into Enigmas, paradox are mostly seen here in the non albino versions even if the albino have several times some yellow/orange paradoxal marks. Their tails seems to show for most of them some grey/blue markings also mostly on the non albino ones, very similar to the enigmas blue tails. Several combos has been produced yet but most of them are still to make.


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