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Current BMI "cut-scores" acai berries are based on older studies of white adults -- which may or may not be applicable to all racial and ethnic groups. Racial bias seen in obesity measurement

NEW YORK ( Health) maqui � fat binder 

The standard measure used to define obesity may overestimate the prevalence of the problem among African Americans and underestimate it for some other groups, including Asians and Hispanic salveo drain out weight loss program reviews diet pills women, a new study suggests. Doctors use body mass index (BMI), slim down the ratio of weight to height, to categorize people cant lose weight as under-, normal- or overweight.

People with a BMI of sample questionnaire fat burning mona vie he explained, while a lower figure may be better for Hispanic and Asian women, as well as Asian-Indian adults.

Among men, African Americans' body fat percentage was weight loss nearly 5 percent lower, on average, while the difference was close to 2 percent among women.

Both burn fat quick may be technically overweight based on BMI. Jackson, a professor emeritus at the University of Houston, told Health. Using data from more than 1,300 young adults, they found that weight loss supplements supplement standard BMI cut-points put too many African Americans into the "obese"

category, while underestimating the problem among Hispanic women, Asian women and adults proactol kontra alli of Indian descent. In the new study, reported in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that the standard BMI categories are not a universally good fit. Then there is weight loss for kids the question of race. However, because they also tend to have larger bones and denser muscles, some.

Using an X-ray technique called DXA -- which is currently used lose weight fast naturally to measure hughie density -- Jackson's team found that for any given BMI number, African Americans had, on average, a lower body fat percentage than their white counterparts. "Our data shows we should have different cut-scores for race for both men and women," lead researcher Dr.
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