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Mack Snow Albino

This is a Mack Snow Tremper Albino hatchling. Notice how white the body is (Johnson).

A Mack Snow Albino is a Mack Snow crossed with any one of the three albino strains. When comparing a Mack Snow hatchling to a Mack Snow Albino hatchling, the black bands of the Mack Snow will be brown or pink on the Mack Snow Albino. The hatchling will also have eyes which match its respective strain. As adults, some hold their white, while others will look more like regular albinos.

The Mack Snow Albinos have acted as sort of a gateway to other new combination morphs. Currently there are Super Snow Albinos, Mack Snow Patternless Albinos, Mack Snow RAPTORs, and Mack Snow Blazing Blizzards. All of these new combinations have surfaced in either late 2006 or in 2007.


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