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Blazing Blizzard

This is an example of the Tremper Blazing Blizzard.

A Blazing Blizzard is a combination of the Blizzard morph and any of the 3 Albino strains. A Blazing Blizzard is a Blizzard which will have more of a yellow coloring. The eyes will also look like the eyes of its respective albino strain.

Bell Blazing Blizzard

Currently, only 2 Bell Blazing Blizzards have been produced. The Original Bell Blazing Blizzard was produced by Kelli Hammack from [Hiss]. Shortly after it hatched it died. As of July 9th 2008, Steve Sykes from [Geckos Etc.] produced the Second Bell Blazing Blizzard, which is also the First Viable Hatchling from what is a 6 year project according to Steve Sykes.



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