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(Snowglow RAPTOR Images)
(Who is working with them?)
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=== Who is working with them? ===
=== Who is working with them? ===
Alejandro Bracamontes (AlexB) Mexico
* Alejandro Bracamontes (AlexB) Mexico
* Ewald Mistelbauer [ PythoniumGeckos]
== Snowglow RAPTOR Images ==
== Snowglow RAPTOR Images ==

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Snowglow RAPTOR

The Snowglow RAPTOR is the combination of 2 recessive traits (Tremper Albino and Eclipse) one incomplete dominant trait (Mack Snow) and one co-dominant trait (Super Hypo). The overall appearance is a pastel orange leopard gecko with solid red or snake eyes. When Snowglow Raptors hatch, they appear white with pink bands and red/snake eyes. As they grow up the bands will fade into orange, and the white on the body will have an orange hue.


Who is working with them?

Snowglow RAPTOR Images

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