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Leopard Gecko Wiki Site Sponsor Space

The Leopard Gecko Wiki is the only searchable database of Leopard Gecko information including Basic Care, Morphs, Health, and Genetics. Our goal is to bring reliable information to beginning Leopard Gecko owners, experienced breeders, and future owners.

Currently the Leopard Gecko Wiki offers two different sponsorship options, a left side banner and a right side banner. The left side banners start at only $5 monthly and the right side banners start at $7.50 monthly.

Footer Banner

The Footer Banners are 240 x 60. These banners do not rotate and will be seen on every page of the Leopard Gecko Wiki. There are 3 spots open for only $7.50 per month!

Left Side Banner

Left side banners measure 125 x 125. They do not rotate and will show up on every page of the Leopard Gecko Wiki! There are two spots available! This is only $5 per month!

Right Side Banner

Each right side banner ad is a 125 x 600 banner which will be displayed on the right column of the Leopard Gecko Wiki under "Site Sponsors." Unlike the left side banner ads, this is a rotating ad which will share time with other banners.

Statistics will be e-mailed out monthly. The software the wiki uses only allows for impressions to be calculated.


  • Left Side Banner
    • 1 Month $5
    • 6 Months $30
    • 1 Year $55
  • Right Side Banner
    • 1 Month $10
    • 6 Months $60
    • 1 Year $110
  • Footer Banner
    • 1 Month $7.50
    • 6 Month $45
    • 1 Year $85

How To Become a Sponsor

Please contact the Leopard Gecko Wiki at [email protected] to inquire about site sponsor spots.

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