Rainwater Albino

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Rainwater Albino

Rainwater or Las Vegas Albinos were founded by Tim Rainwater in 1998. In comparison with the other two strains of albinos, Rainwater Albinos tend to have more pink coloration and be lighter overall. When they hatch, they tend to have yellow bodies with pink bands. As a group, Rainwater Albinos are smaller than the other two strains. Rainwaters also have the darkest eyes of the three different types of albinos.


After several seasons of crossing our Hot Geckos line of tangerine leopard geckos into the rainwater (aka Las Vegas) line of albinos, we produced in 2006 a handful of individuals that stood out. They were the albino equivalent of that small percent of exceptional examples you get when line-breeding for deep orange. Like many nonalbino tangerines, firewater clutches usually consist of one banded animal with distinct head patterning and one baldy with a solid body color. As adults, firewaters range from solid orange with varying amounts of carrot tail to orange and blue-lavender. We’ve tried all breeding combinations, but breeding het to het still produces the most intensely colored offspring, Dan and Roxanne Lubinsky, Hot Geckos Inc.


This is an eye shot of a Rainwater Albino
This is an example of a Jungle Rainwater Albino.

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