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Below is a How To guide for adding pictures to the Leopard Gecko Wiki. Any questions, please add them to the Talk/Discussion page related to this topic.


Step 1

Step 1 is deciding if you are going to upload multiple images at once or go for a single image. Both links can be accessed through the homepage and are seen in the image below.

The two links are in the "toolbox" box, Upload File or Upload Multiple Files

Step 2

Assuming you have chosen to upload multiple files, a screen will pop up when the link is clicked on. Don't worry, we'll hop back to the single file upload in a little bit.

Simple fill out the different forms.  At the bottom of the page there is a submit button.  Click that to successfully upload the pictures.

Step 3

You will get a confirmation page similar to the one below. This is not the final step; your picture has only been uploaded to The Leopard Gecko Wiki and has not been added to any pages.

This shows the different files/images that were uploaded to The Leopard Gecko Wiki.

Step 4

Adding the pictures can be a sometimes delicate process in making sure all of the right code and image/file names are correct. The Leopard Gecko Wiki suggests having two windows open for this process; one for the page you would like to add the image to and the other on the Recent Changes page. The Recent Changes page will show you the exact file name of your image.

For help with adding pictures to pages, please refer to: Page_Formatting Editing Pages

Notice the most recently updated page is an image that was added.  This shows the exact file name for the image to be used.

Step 5

Once you have entered the image and used the correct code found on the Page_Formatting Page Formatting Tutorial, click "Save Page." Your image should now show up on the changed page. Any questions, please contact The Leopard Gecko Wiki staff at [email protected]

Step 2 Single Upload

By clicking on the Upload File link you will be taken to the page seen below. This allows for one image/file upload at a time. Find your file and click upload file at the bottom of the page.

Single File Upload Page

Step 3 Single Upload

After the image is successfully uploaded, the page below will appear. This is confirmation that your image has been added. After you have reached this point, you are at Steps 4 and 5 for the Multi Upload.

Single File Upload Confirmation


  • There is a max file size of 2MB. If your file is over 2MB, the upload will not work.
  • If you run into any problems, please contact The Leopard Gecko Wiki at [email protected]
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