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Feature Article: Bell Albino

The Bell Albino is the newest of the three Leopard Gecko Albino Strains and was discovered by Mark Bell. The eyes of the Bell Albinos is the easiest way to tell them apart from the other two strains. A picture can be seen below. For more information, please click on the link... (more)

Bell Cover.jpg

Did you know...

  • ... Most Hybinos are considered to be Sunglows? (more)
  • ... Blue Tails came from a male normal het Tremper Albino with a hypomelanistic female? (more)
  • ... The Bell Albino is the newest of the three Leopard Gecko Albino Strains? (more)
  • ...Super RAPTOR and Diablo Blanco are both white Leopard Geckos with ruby red eyes? (more)
  • ...when the male is ready to breed, he will make a buzzing noise with the end of his tail and then bite the female?(more)
  • ...Super Snows they have purple bodies with solid Eclipse eyes? (more)
  • ... One of the key traits which makes a Super Snow a Super Snow is the eclipsed eye? (more)

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