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Feature Article: E.m.afghanicus

Eublepharis Macularius Afghanicus are one of the five subspecies of the common Leopard Gecko. They were first discovered by Borner in 1976. A picture can be seen below. For more information, please click on the link... (more)

Afganicus wiki cover.png

Did you know...

  • ... Most Hybinos are considered to be Sunglows? (more)
  • ... Blue Tails came from a male normal het Tremper Albino with a hypomelanistic female? (more)
  • ... The Bell Albino is the newest of the three Leopard Gecko Albino Strains? (more)
  • ...Super RAPTOR and Diablo Blanco are both white Leopard Geckos with ruby red eyes? (more)
  • ...when the male is ready to breed, he will make a buzzing noise with the end of his tail and then bite the female?(more)
  • ...Super Snows they have purple bodies with solid Eclipse eyes? (more)
  • ... One of the key traits which makes a Super Snow a Super Snow is the eclipsed eye? (more)

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