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Line Bred Snow

Line Bred Snows are Leopard Geckos who have been Line Bred to achieve a Leopard Gecko which is white and black. Line Bred Snows are usually graded on a A-C scale; A being a pure white and black gecko and C being a gecko which shows some yellow.

When breeding two Line Bred Snows together, you will not get Super Snows. If you were to breed a Mack Snow to a Line Bred Snow, there is a 6.25% chance Super Snows will be hatched.

The most well-known Line Bred Snow was created by Albey of Albey's "Too Cool" Reptiles.

Mike and Jessica Butler of Fallen Angel's Geckos have bred Albey's Line Bred Snow with the Enigma and RAPTOR genes, a project that began in 2010.

The first Line Bred Snow RAPTOR hatched on September 29th, 2011 and the first Line Bred Snow RAPTOR Enigma was produced on December 6, 2011. To prevent any confusion from this morph and the Dreamsicle (Mack Snow RAPTOR Enigma), the Line Bred Snow RAPTOR Enigma has been labeled a "Snow Angel."


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