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What Defines a Jungle?

A Jungle Leopard Gecko is a Leopard Gecko whose body and tail pattern are irregular. The body pattern will have broken or incomplete bands; the tail will not be banded, and will feature broken or absent bands.

Jungle Information

The Jungle Morph was developed in 1991 by Ron Tremper. The Jungle Morph is thought to be both Poly Genetic and Recessive. In the case of a gecko that possesses the Jungle trait genetically, but does not exhibit it, it's likely that the trait will only be passed to the first generation.

Genetic Debate about Jungles

Throughout the years many people have thought of the Jungle trait as Line Bred/ Poly Genetic, but recent developments have proven this is not necessarily the case. Many people buy so called Heterozygous Jungle specimens but fail to ever produce Jungle animals. Consequently, some people consider it to be an Incomplete Recessive which means that the Jungle morph works like a recessive trait most of the time but can vary and act as a line bred trait.

Nigel Kinley: October 2nd 2007 21:52 PM


Hatchling Tremper Jungle Albino, notice the broken bands on the tail (Johnson).
Tremper Albino Jungle Giant

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