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JBR Glow

The JBR Glow line is a selective breeding line which started by crossing a really special darkish SHTCTB with Tremper Albinos.The JBR Glow have an intense Tangerine color with someitmes Red spots or lines on the body, Carrot Head or Red Head with a large marking pattern or spot on the head, some have a Patternless / Jungle / Reverse (Broken) Stripe dominant gene (different that the one we can see in Aptor / Raptor).Some have also a Dominant White Side gene & have Carrot Tail or Red Tail.

The way to produce the best Red Tail & Red Head on this line is totally different than the way to produce Carrot Tail or Carrot Head on other lines, it's not the ones with the best amount of Red who produce the best looking babies. Cross a Red Tail with a sibling Red Tail seems to be the key to produce the best Red Head & Red Tail.

I already crossed my JBR Glow line into alot of others morphs and produced some combos.

Actually only a very small number of the JBR Glow line was released and only in Europe.

JBR HRG (High Red Glow)

After some years of work on my Glow line, in 2010, I hatched some beautiful specimens who show a very intense Extreme Tangerine / Red coloration on all the body after 6 weeks. I called them JBR HRG (High Red Glow).


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