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The Hyglo is a probably polygenetic Line pioneered and bred by Alberto Cadolini (A&M Gecko). These geckos popped out from his Super Hypo Tangerine Tremper Albino Project, therefore Alberto originally described the Hyglo to have a body which is covered in at least 90% Tangerine. With time, those geckos developed a unique characteristic pattern: The best examples show huge white body spots outlined in orange on a bright Tangerine Background. Top quality Hyglos also show carrothead & carrottail.

The Hyglos were for sure one of the high contrast geckos and top morphs of their time. It has taken Alberto multiple years of selective breeding with tangerine banded, jungle, striped and reverse striped albinos to achieve the final result. The line was very popular especially in Europe during the years 2005-2007. Unfortunately the population declined drastically after A&M Gecko quit breeding, and very few purebred animals exist on the market today. Currently, Dragoon Gecko in Europe tries to enhold the Hyglo bloodline for the next generations.

Hyglo Crosses In the early 2000's, Alberto had crossed his Hyglos sucessfully into the Giants creating Giant Hyglos. In 2011, Dragoon Gecko made the first Hyglo-Sunglow crossings in their stock. More Hyglo crossings and the reproduction of pure Hyglos are planned for 2014.


This is a solid example of a Hyglo from A&M Geckos

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