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Co Dominate

A genetic trait, which is Co Dominate, is morph that is a blend of two different traits. When speaking Leopard Gecko genetics, the Giant morph is the easiest to relate to. There are three different phases of the Giants, Normals (Do not show any Giant signs), Giants (are heterozygous for Super Giant), and Super Giants (the homozygous form of the morph.

It is easy to see how the Giant morph would blend. A genetic Super Giant is a Leopard Gecko over 125 grams and that can reach 12 inches in length from nose to tail tip. A Normal Leopard Gecko is generally eight to ten inches in length from nose to tail and will rarely break 90 grams. The blend between the Super Giants and Normals, the Giants will be between ten and 12 inches and 90 grams to 125 grams.

The following pairings would create the following results:

  • Giant x Normal = 50% Giants and 50% Normals
  • Giant x Giant = 25% Normals, 50% Giants, and 25% Super Giants
  • Super Giant x Normal = 100% Giants
  • Super Giant x Super Giant = 100% Super Giants
  • Super Giant x Giant = 50% Super Giants and 50% Giants
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