Carrot Tail

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Carrot Tail

A Carrot Tail is a feature on a Leopard Gecko which appears in the tail. To have a carrot tail, at least 15% of the Leopard Gecko's tail from the base, must be covered in orange. The carrot tail is a Line Bred trait: in order to create geckos with more carroting than previous generations, they must be bred to geckos with lots of carroting.


Carrot Tail: poly genetic, line bred


The carrot tail trait has been popping up in many different morphs. It seems to be the most popular is Albey's Tangerine Line and in the RAPTORs. They are also in Murphy Patternless, all of the Tangerine and Hypo morphs, all three albino strains, and are now showing a little bit in the [[Blizzard|Blizzards.


this is a good example of a carrot tail. notice the carroting from the base of the tail.

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