Bold Stripe

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Bold Stripe

A Bold Stripe Leopard Gecko is a Leopard Gecko where the pattern runs along its sides. Genetically, Bold Stripes are thought to be Line Bred although some say they are recessive. After many years of outcrossing Bold Stripes to Normals, it has been concluded that this morph is an Incomplete Recessive. which means that this morph's mode of inheritance can vary throughout the bloodline; Line Bred and Recessive Bold Stripes are currently being considered the same Genotype.


Bold Stripe: incomplete recessive

Bold Stripe Crosses

Currently there are a number of Bold Stripe morphs. Most notable are Bold Stripe Albinos (of all 3 Strains)and Bold Stripe Mack Snows. Bold Stripe Albinos are currently being seen in the Tremper and Bell Albino strains; rumors of Rainwater Bold Stripes are floating around the net, but none have been confirmed.

Bold Stripe Mack Snows are a hot new morph being developed by Steve Sykes at Geckos Etc. They seem to be the result of Bold Stripes being bred to Mack Snows, creating Heterozygous specimens. Those offspring were then bred back together to create the first Bold Stripe Mack Snows. More information will be posted as we learn more about this exciting morph.


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